Love Camping?

At Outdoors Geek we have one mission and one mission only: to provide you with the best camping gear for your camping adventures, no matter where you are camping. If you are an outdoors lover like us, you would want to discover different places and camping scenarios where you can spend your time in the wild. Consider this 4 camping types to decide which you would want to try next:

1) Campgrounds 

Campgrounds are the place where all beginners should camp at least a couple of times, before trying something more primitive. This is because campgrounds have facilities and other camping fellows, so you are not on your own if you need a little help!

2) National Forest Designated Campgrounds

These campgrounds are more primitive but still offer some amenities, like water. You are still able to find some camping fellows especially in weekends, but should be able to find a secluded spot where you can feel like you are camping alone.

3) “Pull-Off” Areas

“Pull-Off” areas are usually along the road in national forests and they are specifically designed for car camping. They are perfect if you want to avoid other campers making noise and keeping you up at night. You are still camping alone but close to other people in case you need assistance.

4) Lake or Reservoir

Lakes and reservoirs are beautiful places for having a good time camping while enjoying the wonderful landscape. In some of these places you can also enjoy a hike, a bike ride, fishing and some other fun outdoor activities.

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