Hiking is an integral part of the lives of many people. It can be a fun family bonding experience or just for exercise. It can be stretched out to become a camping trip or just for sightseeing, either way so many people have hiked at one time or the other. Walking and hiking may sound like the same thing and they are, but research shows that your joints, heart and muscles perform in different ways during a hike compared to what they do during a short walk around the block.

So many benefits come with hiking as an exercise. The benefits to the human health are endless and this is why so many people choose hiking over just a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s not cardio but it has some similar benefits. For one, you expend a lot of energy while hiking especially while walking up slopes and rough paths. This loss of energy translates into calorie burn and the benefits of burning calories are common. The benefits of hiking go well beyond calorie burn and extend to the strengthening of muscles such of muscles of the hips and knees thereby helping to prevent/reduce the chance of pains in these areas. To know more about the exercise of hiking, check out this quiz by com

The benefits of exercise cannot be overemphasized, and hiking come with the benefits of exercise but without the hassles of exercise gears, heavy equipment and/or a gym membership. “Hiking exercises your body and your mind, and nourishes your imagination,” says Ignacio Malpica, a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer in Boulder, Colorado. “It creates awareness in your eyes and ears and the rest of your senses.”  Many other benefits of hiking include: Improved cardiorespiratory, improved muscular fitness, enhanced bone health, lower chances of becoming overweight, possibly decreased risk of depression, lower chances of developing risk factors for type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Hiking might not just be done for exercise purposes, but it can also be a family bonding experience or for sightseeing and the tremendous benefits might just be an added bonus.