Every year millions of people enjoy the great outdoors. There are a plethora of things to do such as hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and skiing to name just a few. People are aware of the necessities for their activity of choice, such as the gear to bring, the places to go and how to have fun doing it. They might even have a survival kit on hand for their time outdoors (if you don’t, you SHOULD). After making all the preparations, they excitedly head outdoors for some fun!

As with most hobbies, people become enthusiasts, creating a lifelong affinity for the outdoors. For these reasons and more, being an outdoors geek is an adventure worth going on! In all the enthusiasm of a life lived outdoors, there is one thing that gets overlooked almost every time! When you spend a lot of time outdoors, you gain skills and familiarity with your hobby and the surrounding environment. While this is good and enables you to enjoy your time outdoors more efficiently, it also minimizes the risk in your mind, which can get you in trouble.

No matter how long you’ve been going outdoors, the rules still apply! You still need the essentials for safety and survival. While you may be ABLE to survive with nothing but a pocket knife, you significantly increase your chances of staying safe and maybe even alive if you have the proper gear, and if you do The ONE Thing You MUST Do When Headed Outdoors!

What is that one thing? Leave a note telling people WHERE you are going to be and WHEN to expect you back!

As simple as that sounds, it is often overlooked. A safety and survival kit is essential for staying safe outdoors but if you are injured or incapacitated, you may need someone to help you. Taking just a few minutes to leave a note or better yet send an email to a few friends and family can be the difference between being stranded for a few hours to being stranded for days.